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Hits of Gdańsk

The Upper Gate, Wały Jagiellońskie St., Gdańsk
In the past, the Upper Gate was the main entrance to the city. At the same time it has representative and defensive function. It was the place where all the important guests were welcomed and where the kings were ceremoniously presented with the keys to the city. The monument was built in 1574 – 1576 according to to the design of Jan Kramer. The Gate is located in the west row of the modern Gdańsk fortifications.
Westerplatte, Mjr. Henryka Sucharskiego St., Gdańsk
Westerplatte Peninsula in Gdańsk is the place where the Second World War started. In 1926-1939 it was the location of the Military Transit Storehouse. Its defence is considered as the symbol of the fight for freedom and the resistance from the enslavement and aggression of the Nazis. The war started on the 1st of September 1939, after the Nazi battleship “Schelzwig Holstein” peaceably entered the harbour in Westerplatte and then (along with the German infantry) attacked the Polish army.
Oliwa Park, Opata Jacka Rybińskiego St., Gdańsk Oliwa
It was established by Cistercians who had created a garden with vegetables and herbs near the monastery. The park flourished because of abbot Jacek Rybiński, who has brought to Oliwa the master of gardening- Kazimierz Dębiński.
The Crane, Szeroka 67/68 St., Gdańsk, +48 58 301 69 38,,
We can find mentions of the Crane in the historical sources dating back to 1367. It was once described as a wooden harbour lifting machinery, which appearance now refers to the one from 15th century. The original crane went up in flames in 1442 and two years later, the new one was built on the same place, but this time with the defensive function.
The Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk can be surely called the crown of the city. The monumental building rises up to the sky above the city panorama. Most likely it was built in the place of St. Mary’s Church built in 13th century under prince Świętopełek II.
The Neptune Fountain, Długi Targ 43 St., Gdańsk
Created in 1633 and located in front of the Artus Manor, the Neptune Fountain is the symbol of Gdańsk. Its build was initiated by then Mayor Bartłomiej Schachmann. The figure of the God of the Seas refers to the connection between the city and the sea. It was modelled by Peter Husen and Johann Rogge and casted in 1615 in Augsburg. The author of the project was Abraham van den Blocke.
The Green Gate, Długi Targ 24 St., Gdańsk
The Green Gate is the most impressive gate of the main city. It was built between 1564 and 1568 as a residence for Polish Kings, in the place of the modest Gothic Cog Gate. Despite its purpose , the Green Gate has never hosted any polish monarch. It played its representative role only once- when Maria Ludwika Gonzaga (future wife of Władysław IV and later the wife of Jan Kazimierz) stayed there when she was passing through Gdańsk.
The Golden Gate, Długa St., Gdańsk
It was created in 1612 – 1614 by Jan Starkowski according to the design of Abraham Van den Blocke. In terms of architecture, the Netherlandic and Italian influences of the late Renaissance are clearly visible.
The Grand Armoury, Targ Węglowy 4 St., Gdańsk
The most magnificent example of the Netherlandic Mannerism in Gdańsk and its one of the most valuable representative in Europe is the Grand Armoury. The building created at the beginning of the 17th century according to the project of preeminent Gdańsk architect Antoni van Obberghen. It was said that it was the most beautiful armoury in the world.

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