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Bed&Breakfast Offer

In Villa Angela we offer you cheap accommodation with delicious and generous breakfast. It’s an excellent way to give the new day a fresh and energetic start.

How does it work?

We offer our guests inexpensive accommodation with many amenities included in the price, to name only a few:

  • fast wireless and wired internet
  • TV SAT

  • parking facilities
  • the daily press

Why so inexpensive?

Warunkiem rezerwacji oferty Hot Deal Bed&Breakfast jest dokonanie całkowitej przedpłaty w momencie założenia rezerwacji. W przypadku anulowania, zmian w rezerwacji lub nie przybycia – nie zwracamy kosztów dokonanej przedpłaty. Jest to więc typowa oferta bezzwrotna.

Accommodation rates for children or/and pets

In Villa Angela we charge extra:

  • A crib – 25 PLN a night
  • An additional bed – 50 PLN a night

  • A pet – 50 PLN a night
  • Mind you, we do not allow exotic pets!

Set the datecheck the price

Bed&Breakfast offer doesn’t go with other special offers. The number of rooms in the offer is limited.

Ask the price for yourself

Should you want to consult the price of your stay, you are welcome to contact us:

  • By telephone: 58 302 23 15
  • By e-mail:
  • By instant messenger (available at the bottom of the screen)

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Villa Angela Gdańsk

A homely facility located in the heart of Gdańsk, with comfortable rooms and delicious breakfast. Be our guests!

ul. Beethovena 12
Tel. + 48 (0) 58 302 23 15

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