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Gdańsk and surroundings

One of the most remarkable tourist attractions is located in Malbork, 50 km from Gdańsk. The construction of the castle started in 1274. After the completion, the castle became the Teutonic Order’s administrative centre.
Along with the castle, Malbork settlement was vigorously developing. The construction of the small castle took about 30 years to complete, after that it was given a name Malbork (from German Marienburg). In 1309 Malbork city with the castle became the headquarter of the Teutonic state, because Grand Master Siegfried von Feuchtwagen moved his office from Venice to Malbork. The castle needed to be extended. In nearly 40 years the castle was converted into the High Castle surrounded by moats and defensive walls. From that time it was the quarters of the Great Masters and Teutonic dignitaries.
The Malbork castle is considered the biggest Gothic stronghold in Europe. In 1997 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There is a land of lakes, forests and morainal hills just a dozen or so kilometres form Gdańsk. Its name is Kashubia. If you want to pick some wild mushrooms, you cannot forget about this region, spreading form Baltic sea down to Tuchola Forest. Kashubia is famous for the natural beauty as well as for the local culture and traditions. The best known tourist attractions in Kashubia are: heritage park and viewpoint in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, the pottery museum in Chmielno, the highest mountain in Kashubia – Wieżyca and also Szymbark with the famous house standing upside down on its roof and the longest board in the world. Kashubia is also a paradise for the sailors and for the canoeing lovers.
The place where the fishing traditions are still cultivated, being at the same time a popular holiday site is Hel Peninsula with Jastarnia, Jurata, Kuźnica, Chałupy and Hel.
The famous health resort, Sopot is located next to Gdańsk. It is famed for the longest wooden pier in Europe, an amphitheatre in the wood – well-known Opera Leśna (Forest Opera), where numerous concerts and festivals take place and Monte Cassino street with exceptional Krzywy Domek (one of the strangest buildings in the world).
From Sopot we can make an excursion to the near Gdynia with the most beautiful cliff on the Baltic coast and the summer theatre, where the plays on the beach are staged. The Kościuszko Square, the ship-museum Dar Pomorza and the aquarium are also worth-visiting.
There is still more to see left, as picturesque Żuławy Wiślane (the delta area of Vistula), Mierzeja Wiślana ( the sand spit of Vistula), castle in Gniewo and many, many more.

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